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The team members working on this project are the following:

Kuba Badja

MSc in Business Analytics

Esade Business School

Noah Daniel

MSc in Business Analytics

Esade Business School

Philipp Mortier

MSc in Business Analytics

Esade Business School

Sergi Aliaga

Bachelor on Telecommunication Engineering



Interaction design


Project FastICpix

is based on ATTRACT project FastiCpix

FastICPix is an active hybrid single photon sensor with close to 10ps time resolution that can be scaled to arbitrarily large sizes without losing quality of readout resolution. Solution’s technology readiness level is currently between stage 3 and 4; it is expected that further 2 years will be required for laboratory simulations and technical R&D until FastICPix will be a ready go-to-market product.

TeSI’s applications research is supposed to complement and expand scientists’ knowledge and potentially lead to tailoring specific components of the sensor to meet demands of identified high-potential markets.


From approached scientists or people working in the industry, TeSI team was able to identify three specific applications where FastICPix’s attributes can lead to significant improvements as compared to currently existing technology:

  1. Light detection and ranging (LIDAR)
  2. Time of flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS)
  3. Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

From initial assessment, out of these three markets TOF MS has the highest commercial and social impact potential, hence its in-depth market entry strategy was analysed.

In addition to finding three feasible applications, research also managed to identify areas where FastICPix will likely not find an interest (quantum randomness generation, OCT…).

This should be used as a preliminary assessment as to how to prioritise further application research. It is still possible that FastICPix may be attractive for specific sub-sections of these areas and this list of applications is not exhaustive.

Recommendation of the report to the technical team developing FastICPix (CERN & ICCUB) is to focus further research and collaboration with three identified high-potential applications (with a particular focus on TOF MS).

Details and references of all the people interviewed during the research, potential future lead contacts to expand on specific areas, as well as all relevant documents and useful resources are included in the full report.